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Tony Morra
Tony Morra is born and raised in New York but nowadays he lives in Franklyn, Tennesse, USA. Franklyn are one of the suburbs to music town Nashville. Tony grew up in a very musical family and he followed in the footsteps of both his father and grand father's and became a drummer.

Tony has over the years played with a lot of artists; for a complete list check out his site. He has also done a lot of session drumming for many artists and worked with producers like; Phil Ramonbe, Diane Warren, Dino and John Elefante.

You hear him do all the drums for the new Demon album that Anders has produced. Tony delivered everything from soft ballads to rock and slamming double bass drum Heavy Metal. Tony also will be playing on some of the new projects that Anders now are working on. Drums are recorded in Tony's own studio; The Downtown Batterie.

Infact Tony has also released a drum sampling library. The Heavy Mental drums out on Discrete Drums - a Heavy Metal kind of style drum library.

Click here and you will hear a demo from the Heavy Mental drums library.

Check out Tony on his own web site: www.downtownbatterie.com




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