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Both Dacke and Compagniet are relased on CD and could be ordered by sending an E-mail to info@godispascen.se.

The price is 100 Skr. per CD plus the postage fee.

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Anders wrote his first musical "Dacke" in 1992 - 1993, together with lyricist Lasse Johanson. The musical's story is about Sweden's most famous uprising in 1542 - 1543. The rebel leader Nils Dacke nearly managed to throw king Gustav Wasa of his thrown. We follow one of the most dramatic years in Swedens history from the rebel's perspective. The musical were staged in August 1993 at the same place were Nils Dacke so successfully led his men from, Kronoberg's castle. The musical became a huge suceess with very good reviews from both audince and critics. In 1994 it was also staged at the same place and the cast also moved it to Borgholm's castle for a couple shows. Samples of the songs from "Dacke" and the other musicals could be found in the download section.

The 15 songs from the show is also captured on a CD entitled; "Dacke".

The Millenium show
In 1999 the town of Växjö held a competion for writing a millenium song. Anders and Lasse won the competion with there song; "Not in a thousand years". At the price cermony Anders suggested that the town should celebrate the millenium by giving a big concert with a mini-musical about the last thousand years in the towns history. The politicians liked the idea and Anders and Lasse were commissioned to write the show. The one hour min-musical were staged at the towns square of Växjö New Years eve 1999 at 17.00 and filled the whole town square with people. Approximately 5 000 - 6 000 people went there to celebrate the new millenium together with Anders, Lasse and there cast.

Anders and Lasse started to think about writing a new musical almost immediately after the success with "Dacke". Choreographer Pamela Wood suggested that they should check out the building of a new East-India sailship in Gothenburg. Both Anders And Lasse were fasinated over the story about the original ship "Gothenburg" that between 1743 - 1745 sailed to China and back and sunk only 900 metres from it's goal, the harbour in the town of Gothenburg.

Anders and Lasse wrote the first songs in 1994 but then the work halted. It wasn't until the year of 2001 they pulled themselves together and finally completed the musical. Premiere in November 2002 at Växjö Concert House and it ran for 2 months.

All the 19 songs from Compagniet are released on a CD.

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