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  Code - the band

Sherwood Ball: vocals, guitar
Ola af Trampe: guitar
Anders Rydholm: bass, keyboards, guitar


New band - new album
Code is a brand new band consisting of Sherwood Ball; vocals and guitar, Ola af Trampe; guitar and Anders Rydholm; bass, keyboards, guitars. Since December 2004 they have been busy writing songs for a melodic rock album. 40 songs later they have narrowed it down to 13 really melodic and heavy songs. Recordings have taken place in Växjö, Sweden and Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. Guests on the album are Gregg Bissonette on drums, Per Svensson and Rob Meister on background vocals. The album wil be released in Japan the 24th of January 2007 and the European release will follow a few weeks later. The title of the album are; The enemy within

Why an album with an American singer?
Anders wrote some songs during 2004 but couldn't decide on a suitable singer for his songs. Suddenly he heard Sherwood sing an old Jay Graydon tune on the radio (Holding on to love) and started to wonder what Sherwood was doing these days. A quick search on the Internet and Anders had found Sherwoods E-mail address.

Sherwood replied a couple of hours later and said "Ok, send me a couple of songs so I could hear how the music sounds and check out the song writing". He must have liked what he heard cause that was the start of an intense period of song writing back and forth over the Internet.

A couple of months later Anders and Ola also visited Sherwood in Studio City, California and then they all together drew up the plans for what now is the band Code.

During all of the year of 2004 they have continiously wriitten new songs and also recorded them in Växjö, Sweden and Studio City, Hollywood Usa.

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