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New album with Demon Kogure
Anders has just finished the recordings of Japanese mega suprestar Demon Kogure's new album. The album is titled: Girls Rock and will be released in Japan on the 24th of January on the Avex label. The same date as the new Code album also is released.


Demon Kogure is the lead singer of very famous Japanese Heavy Metalband SEIKIMA-II

Anders Rydholm - Keyboards and bass
Ola af Trampe (from Grand Illusion - Code) - guitars
Per Svensson (from Grand Illusion) - background vocals on all songs
Tony Morra - drums (Nashville session drummer)
Patrik Dahlberg (background vocals - Tsubasananooreelta Angel)

The songs are 1980's Japanese female hit songs but arranged in the style of melodic rock. Demon wanted to have the songs with a touch of Grand Illusion style. Very melodic and with lots of background vocals. The songs don't sound like the original versions at all and they range from melodic rock to softer Hevay Metal. All songs produced and arranged by Anders.

Per Svensson is singing in both English and Japanese. Not bad for a guy that can't speak the Japanese language. Even more astonishing is that all the pronounciation of the vocals was cleared for sounding like a native Japanese singer.

Avex has also been to Sweden to film a music video for one of the songs "Return to myself" and they have also been filming extra material in Anders studio and in the town Vaxjo. All this material will be featured on a DVD. On that DVD you could see Per sing, how the mixing have been done and much more. It will also feature the music video. Appearing in the music video are Anders, Ola af Trampe, Per Svensson and some other Swedish musicians.

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