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Girls Rock "Atsukunare" with Demon Kogure
Anders has has produced H.E: Demon Kogure's new single. This single was released in January 2009. It features the cover song "Atsukunare" plus one original song by H.E Demon kogure named "The phantom of the Kabuki" and one song written by Anders named "One way ticket to hell".

1. Atsukunare
2. One way ticket to hell
3. The phantom of the Kabuki

Demon Kogure - Vocals
Anders Rydholm - Bass, guitars, keyboards
Ola af Trampe - Guitar and solo on Atsukunare
Tony Carlsson - Guitar solos
Gregg Bissonette - Drums on Atsukunare
Tony Morra - Drums
Per Svensson - Background vocals
Peter Sundell - Background vocals

Strings from Musica Vitae
Emily Fowler (concertmaster), Evgueni Lobas, Vladimir Iourtchik, Marco Mazzeo, Per Drugge, Matthÿs van Gestel, Henrik Garsjo, Sara Jerker, Raluca Matei, Elinor Williams, Henrik Hogstrom, Richard Müller, Anders Aldén, Staffan Sjoholm

Recorded in GodisPaScen, Vaxjo, Sweden by Anders Rydholm
Drums recorded by Frank Rosato in Woodcliff studios, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA and by Tony Morra in the Downtown batterie, Nashville, USA.
Strings recorded in Musica Vitae studios, Vaxjo, Sweden by Anders Rydholm

Produced and arranged by: Anders Rydholm

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